U n ME makes WE...

tHe PuLsE oF mY bEaUtIfUl MiNd... ThE cOlOr Of My DaZzL'n ThOtS... I sAy ThIs CoZ "ItZ mY oWn BlOg" :)

iTz M y TiMe

Really ?! Oh wow. Is my blog page still existing? I never had an idea it had. Its been almost 6 years that I last posted, Oh wait.. I last opened this website. I don't even know why I opened it now. However, after opening the page back again and going through my older posts, a new thought struck my mind. How good is it to come back?

In this 6 years, I forgot how to write a blog. Everything seems to be new here. Anyways, I don't want to push it to much now. I feel I am like a baby who wants to crawl for the first time. Let me be slow, let me be steady and let me try to focus.

I just feel like writing. Just anything that comes to my mind. All I feel like is to write. I don't have a clue if some one will even my read blog. But at this point, let me pen down what ever comes to my mind.

In this 6 years, my life had so much changes. Many twist and turns, ups and downs. It was a journey. A remarkable one. Few of my blogs may reflect it for a while. Nevertheless, I am back to writing.

See you all soon with more stuff
                                                                    - AJ

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